Bright Energy  is a renewable energy company that provides affordable and reliable renewable energy solutions for small businesses and households. Our major value propositions to our customers are the lower energy cost, higher reliability, and better environmental responsibility. This is in addition to the spared inconvenience of dealing with fuel supply for private generators including price hikes and scarcities

As Nigeria continues to desire steady and uninterrupted power supply, there is the need to go beyond the construction of gas power plants and also look into alternative technologies especially renewable energy sources to power rural homes which constitute higher percentage of the Nigerian population .

Power has always been a problem of inconsistent supply. This has driven businesses to acquire portable electricity generators and fuel them at such huge costs, many businesses struggle to stay afloat, raise prices to break even and in many cases go out of business due to unsustainable energy expenses.

Households are by no means insulated from the problem rendering processes like food refrigeration impossible. Most families acquire gasoline generators despite the fuel cost as well as the noise and air pollution consequences.

Bright Energy  presents a cost-effective alternative limited only by its high upfront cost.

Who We Are

Bright  Energy provides products and services in the field of power sector with a particular focus on renewable energy, being a highly innovative company,  we addresses niche markets that are too small for blue chip companies.

Bright  energy provides affordable, reliable and clean solar energy solution to small business, residential, schools and offices for productive uses. We offer a finance scheme whereby with down payment, our clients can own a solar power system designed to meet their energy requirements and pay off the balance over a period of 6-30 months.

 Bright Energy customizes its products and services as requested by client. Our clients benefit from the detailed technical expertise.

Why Choose Us?

Working with Bright Energy brings numerous favorable circumstances. Our ability stretches out to all phases of a energy management planning, implementation, financing, and monitoring. We deliberately take a look at your present utility rate alternatives, anticipated framework execution on month to month premise in light of real site conditions and consider your particular loan cost, electric rate and duty rate situations to decide your potential sparing/gaining over the lifetime of the hardware.


 Our mission is to create awareness to the nature’s free supply of electrical energy through sunlight and help to implement a functional and sustainable solar system for every home and businesses which will help to improve healthy living by reducing the negative effects of fossil fuel in our environments normally produced by depending on generators for electric power